D.P. Venkatesh

Digital Engagement Leader

Collaboration Technology Group CTG

As Digital Engagement Leader, D.P. Venkatesh enables our customers to embark on their digital transformation journey.

DP and his team focus on helping customers rethink their end-to-end customer journey from a digital-first perspective. In leading the Digital Engagement team, he works with our partners to help them sell, on-board and grow their customers.


December 21, 2020


10 Innovations from WebexOne That Change the Game for Partners & Customers

4 min read

During WebexOne, I talked to both Cisco leaders as well as industry leaders to get their insights on how the future of collaboration has evolved and what to expect in the next year.  To share some highlights with you, here are my top 10 innovations for Partners and customers.

What SPs Need to Know About Customer Engagement for the Large Enterprise Buyer

2 min read

Large enterprises are a complex beast. Merely mapping the buying process as well as the customer journey is not only complicated but also varies across different vertical segments and are...

Winning Over the Midmarket Buyers – 3 Customer Engagement Tips

3 min read

Nowadays, customer engagement is almost synonymous with digital engagement. While there’s some truth to this (and one of the reasons why Cisco recently launched the Digital Accelerator for Service...

Small Business Buyers Over-Index on Digital Journeys

3 min read

While most of the customer journey for SMBs occurs online nowadays, it’s not digitally exclusive. Here are tips to ensure successful customer engagement at every interaction throughout the buying journey.

Cisco Launches Digital Accelerator for Service Providers to Drive End to End Customer Engagement

2 min read

With advances in marketing technology and the shift to a largely digital advertising landscape, we can quantify almost everything when it comes to our customer engagement efforts.