Denise Kwan

Software Engineer & Developer Advocate

Cisco DevNet

Denise Kwan is a full stack software engineer and developer advocate with over 15 years of experience. She has worked on various Cisco contact center products on the backend, frontend, automation testing, performance testing, developer support, you name it. She has taken all of the knowledge she has gained throughout the years and is now a Developer Advocate for software developers. Learn more about Denise's work on her Developer Advocate profile page.


March 28, 2023


Ops Meets Dev on the Daily Standup Show

2 min read

Cisco developer advocates break down the silos between developers and operations/SRE, discussing topics in network automation, programmability, APIs, job roles, and more.

June 2, 2022


Learn to Code In Python at Cisco Live

3 min read

Learn about Python classes, modules, inheritance, and more! Or listen in to a conversation between an SRE/Ops person and a developer as they explore the common goals.

May 2, 2022


What I learned by doing tech support

4 min read

She never wanted to do product support, but she is glad she did. Here are five important lessons for enterprise developers from the experience.

May 28, 2019


Meet The Developer in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live!

2 min read

Meet the Developer is your opportunity to schedule a 20 minute face-to-face session with a DevNet subject-matter expert. Our DevNet experts have set aside time to discuss anything developer-related you want. You can drive the conversation or let the expert feed you with knowledge. Or, maybe a little bit of both. #DevNet #CLUS