As part of working at the info desk at the DevNet zone, another common question I get is:
How can I find (DevNet team member)?  I need to talk to them about (product name).
Sometimes you can get lucky and I happen to see them walk by, but most of the time you are not. Sorry, I might know where Silvia Spiva is all the time, but not everyone on the team.


Well, this year, you can ALL be lucky and meet with DevNet’s subject-matter experts. DevNet just celebrated their 5 year anniversary at Cisco Live, so as a gift to you, we decided to let you Meet the Developers!


What is Meet the Developer?

Meet the Developer is your opportunity to schedule a 20 minute face-to-face session with a DevNet subject-matter expert. Our DevNet experts have set aside time to discuss anything developer-related you want. You can drive the conversation or let the expert feed you with knowledge. Or, maybe a little bit of both.


Is Meet the Developer for you?

Did you use Cisco APIs to build an application?
Do a sanity check and let an expert evaluate your design and API usage. They might have some tips or best practices that will improve your application.

Having issues with Cisco APIs?
It’s time to stop banging your head on the keyboard and ask the experts for some help. Come with a troubleshooting topic and we will help you solve your problem.

Want to learn about a specific product’s APIs?
Our subject-matter expert can give you an overview of the different things you can do with the APIs as well as where you can find documentation, sandboxes, and get support when you run into an issue.

Interested in learning a technology?
Get a quick overview on what Cisco has to offer and get guidance on different sessions (in person or online) that you should attend.

Not a developer, but want to be?
If you are new to DevNet and/or the DevNet Zone, but don’t know where to begin, we have experts for that too! Our DevNet experts can help you build your learning path towards being a developer.

Are you a business leader who wants build a developer team?
We can provide guidance on how to build a developer practice within your organization.

Don’t be intimidated, these sessions are for everyone!


DevNet Subject-Matter Expert Lineup



So what are you waiting for? Register HERE for your session today! Space is limited and are filling up fast!

Trust me, it will be worth every minute of your time.

We’d love to hear what you think. Ask a question or leave a comment below.
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Denise Kwan

Software Engineer & Developer Advocate

Cisco DevNet