Chris Rittler

Vice President, Cisco CX Product Management

Customer Experience

Chris is a seasoned senior executive with many years of success in products and services for wireless, telecom, digital media, and content distribution. Throughout his career, Chris has held leadership positions at a mix of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups including ABB; Deluxe Digital Distribution; Frontier Communications; Tropos Networks; and Motorola. Most recently, Chris was CEO of Cape Productions Inc, a SaaS start-up which was acquired by Motorola Solutions. He has been responsible for bringing value to customers through disruptive technologies by leading innovation and development of breakthrough telecommunications systems and services for cellular, broadband wireless, and streaming video. His expertise encompasses sales and marketing; strategic planning; product development and management; business development; and team building. Chris holds an M.B.A. from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management; an M.S. Electrical Engineering from University of Wisconsin Madison; and a B.S. in Engineering from Marquette University.


November 3, 2022


Accelerate Digital Transformation and Cost Savings with Cisco Success Tracks

Simplify and accelerate your path to success with up to 96 percent less time to manage vulnerabilities with Cisco packaged services designed to help IT professionals remove adoption roadblocks and get to business value faster.

Transform Digital Experiences with Insights and Expertise

An agile workforce demands both flexible technology and flexible business solutions. Cisco is committed to providing more service and delivery choices to help ensure your business is secure and efficient as you work to achieve your IT transformation goals. Today, we're announcing Specialized Expertise for Success Tracks and enhancements to our Business Critical Services National subscription services.

February 18, 2022


Cisco Business Critical Services Editions: Fulfilling Solution and Segment Specific Needs

Cisco CX Business Critical Services is launching its inaugural set of solution- and segment-focused offerings to help customers successfully navigate change as they reimagine IT for agility, growth, and innovation. 

February 14, 2022


Innovation Powered by Cisco Business Critical Services for Greater Visibility and Flexibility

An organization that prides itself on tech-driven innovation is one that prioritizes the importance of visibility and flexibility to scale their IT infrastructure to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. See how Cisco Business Critical Services can help!

October 19, 2021


Keys to a Better CX: Security, Observability, and Flexibility

Cisco CX Business Critical Services understands the pressures you face to keep up with digital demand and has the strategy and expertise you need when transforming your infrastructure for a better customer experience.

August 17, 2021


Four Security Best Practices for Today’s High-Risk Digital World

Increases in online shopping, virtual communities, and the exponential growth in remote workforces have created more infrastructure vulnerabilities than ever. Learn what you can do to reduce cyberthreats.

July 27, 2021


Avoiding the Consequences of Business Disruption

Businesses must become resilient, adaptive, and transformative to address the unprecedented change of today as well as evolve business priorities, strategies, and resources to thrive and accelerate growth for tomorrow. Learn how in this new blog.

April 22, 2021


Transform IT for Agility, Innovation, and Growth

It’s time to move beyond survival mode and dive into the future with a transformative mindset. Organizations that proactively innovate are in the best position to thrive in a dynamic market. Read on to learn how you can empower your teams to stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.