Change key stakeholder conversations with quantifiable ROI

How often do key stakeholders question you about the value of increasing your IT budgets? Budgeting is an economic reality that your business depends on, small businesses and enterprise organizations alike. It’s also why IT leaders often come to Cisco for help because their success hinges on their ability to deliver business outcomes for their stakeholders.

The real measure of success is when your operational savings amplify the revenue impact of your IT activities for your stakeholders. As seen with many of our customers, savings, and growth both drive return on investment (ROI) and help you achieve your goals.

Remove the obstacles to achieve time-to-value

Susan Buzzard, Executive Director of Technology at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, knows all too well the magnitude of making the right IT decisions for a community that relies on a secure, reliable network. With over 11 counties and 200 buildings across three branches of government, the network is critical to everything Susan and her team do to help improve the quality of life for its tribal members. They needed real-time visibility into security advisories, updates, and critical bugs as they monitor critical infrastructures such as hospitals, support judicial systems, and enable commerce capabilities. Their footprint is broad, including gaming, travel, and agriculture, and each exercises sovereignty—a vital goal for Choctaw Nation.

Like most organizations going through their digital transformation journey, getting a current view of inventory, and keeping up to date with hardware updates was challenging, manual, and time-consuming for Susan and her team. And having to support revenue-driving businesses left little to no time to focus on strategy and innovation.

Cisco® Success Tracks helped change that. With a tailored suite of packaged services, including automation, visibility, and ongoing access to experts, Susan, and her team’s time to manage vulnerabilities was reduced by 96 percent, from two weeks to three hours.2 They accelerated time-to-value by eliminating operational, productivity, and network disruption roadblocks. Success Tracks also simplified Choctaw Nation’s access to insights, analytics, learning, and support through a one-stop unified digital experience via Cisco CX Cloud. And finally, it afforded them more time to focus on IT-driven innovation to better the lives of their members.

Watch Choctaw Nation’s journey with Success Tracks and CX Cloud

Demonstrate tangible value of Success Tracks with the new Forrester TEI Study

Choctaw Nation’s digital transformation journey and achievements are consistent with organizations that leverage Success Tracks and CX Cloud to accelerate and achieve their business outcomes. To help further quantify the benefits, Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study with additional customers to examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying Success Tracks. Forrester interviewed four representatives with experience using Success Tracks and combined the results into a single composite organization.

The study provides a framework on the potential financial impact of an investment in Success Tracks. IT leaders can proactively lead the conversation with real business value by providing stakeholders with the justification they need.

Decision-makers who participated in the TEI Study found significant ROI by leveraging Cisco Success Tracks. The results shown below highlight quantified ROI and cost savings.


Read the full study today

Get the 2022 commissioned study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Cisco Success Tracks, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco, here.

New! Extending data-driven insights

We are providing broader coverage for your Cisco legacy routers, switches, and wireless products that are not managed by a Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center (DNAC) controller with Success Tracks and CX Cloud. Leveraging our new collector capabilities to retrieve data from devices without a controller dependency extends the CX Cloud experience and provides access to even more data driven insights throughout your network install base.

For more information on Cisco Success Tracks and how you can gain more time for innovation like Choctaw Nation go here.

1The total Economic Impact of Cisco Success Tracks, Forrester, 2022
2Cisco, Choctaw Nation accelerates digital transformation


Chris Rittler

Vice President, Cisco CX Product Management

Customer Experience