From the dot-com bust to the global financial crisis, past disruptions have led many businesses to put their digital strategies on the backburner. Organizations that continued to invest in next-generation technologies had an easier time shifting gears to speed ahead. They understood that proactive optimization and continuous transformation are necessary pathways to agility, growth, and innovation.

It’s time to transform

Fast-forward to 2021. Digital technology is now commonplace in nearly every industry, but organizations are still trying to catch up. For many, the current global crisis has put their digital maturity to the test, revealing inadequacies and deficiencies. Businesses are being prompted to ask: how can we continue to create value and drive resiliency and adaptability in these unprecedented times?

Given IDC’s prediction that 80% of revenue growth could depend on digital offerings and operations by 2022, organizations need to refocus their efforts on optimizing digital customer experiences. This means shifting from survival mode to reimagining your IT operating model. And it’s where Cisco Business Critical Services can help.

BCS Tiers

Empower your teams with expertise, analytics, insights, and automation

To develop a transformative IT roadmap, design for resiliency, adopt at scale, and keep IT running at optimal performance, your teams need access to expertise, analytics, insights, and automation. With our Essentials, Advantage, and Premier service tiers, you get access to the information, best practices, and guidance you need – when, where, and how you need it, at every step of your Cisco journey.

With BCS, key roles across your IT landscape are empowered with access to expertise, analytics, and insights to:

  • Architect the right strategy, roadmap, and vision with high-touch, consultative guidance and an adaptive workforce to speed transformation
  • Create adaptive and innovative designs, for improved performance, by applying AI and data-driven insights
  • Deploy new services and applications faster to revolutionize customer experiences and fortify security in real time

Stabilize, then transform

Transformation projects can create a new set of challenges. For example, to ensure a smoother transformation, your environment must first be stabilized and optimized. Often, there is also limited access to security and artificial intelligence/machine learning expertise, and resource demands may exceed your organization’s capacity.

With Business Critical Services, your IT teams can address these challenges through 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops, and interactive webinars. Working alongside your team, our experts combine data-driven insights with deep transformational expertise to help you accelerate technology transitions.

To help you build an adaptive workforce, Business Critical Services also give you experts to support large-scale multi-domain projects or to fill critical skill gaps on your IT teams. For example, our Scrum Services experts can work with you to assess your network’s performance, capacity, and availability, helping to streamline preparation. This means you can accelerate and scale transformation when your organization is ready.

With telemetry captured from your environment, our experts can give you data-driven recommendations on software strategy, hardware lifecycle management, and risk mitigation. For example, our Operational Insights predictive analytics reports can help you proactively identify destabilizing factors like device crash risk probability and security vulnerabilities within your IT environment. With Change Window Support, our experts can assess potential risks and identify areas of improvements to optimize change processes.

As you move forward with your transformation, our Expert Review Workshops can help your teams identify solutions to challenges and ensure your transformation is flawlessly executed.

Working with a Cisco or partner expert, your IT teams can:

  • Attend a Strategy Review workshop to validate a new technical concept or blueprint, ensuring alignment to the broader architecture strategy
  • Evaluate proposed changes to architecture design in a Design Review workshop
  • Learn best practices to maximize design and implementation plans

Business Critical Services Accelerators can also aid you in overcoming transformational challenges by addressing specific problems and use cases. By engaging with Cisco and our partner experts, your IT teams benefit from deep 1:1 sessions, where they get to:

  • Dive into real-world technical cases and engineering challenges
  • Analyze your IT environment to identify and mitigate risks
  • Expand their skill sets and knowledge on key subject matter areas

In today’s environment, it can be challenging to execute and manage a series of multi-domain solutions running concurrently as part of your organization’s broader transformation efforts. With our flexible framework of subscription services, you get the expertise, analytics, and insights you need to prepare for change and make your IT infrastructure more innovative.

An operating model for business resiliency

For more than 35 years, Cisco has helped organizations transform so they can innovate to create new value, drive growth, and increase revenue. This experience is reflected in our operating model for business resiliency. Grounded in industry research, customer feedback, and Cisco best practices, our model can help you drive transformation by improving resiliency and adaptability to fast-track growth in these dynamic times.


When our operating model is used in conjunction with our multi-tiered lifecycle services, your organization is empowered to deliver security and business resiliency, an adaptive workforce that can roll with changing priorities, and continuous transformation to strengthen your infrastructure. Combined, these forces allow you to support emerging workforce models, recover from disruption, and drive growth.

Find out how Cisco Business Critical Services can help you deliver transformative IT to drive agility, growth, and innovation.

Interested in taking a fun journey on how to improve your network, or become more resilient? Try our Cisco Business Critical Services TrekMaster.

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Chris Rittler

Vice President, Cisco CX Product Management

Customer Experience