To successfully guide our customers on their digital transformation journey, last year, Cisco Business Critical Services unveiled a multi-tier subscription service for organizations of all sizes. In addition, we introduced Specialized Expertise offers (Scrum Services and Expert-as-a-Service) to support the creation of agile workforces and a best-practices operational IT model to create resilient, adaptive, and transformative IT environments.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a series of enhancements to our portfolio for multiple customer segments. These enhancements expand upon our existing services by targeting key transformation challenges, including security, the burgeoning skills gap, legacy IT, and workforce agility.

Let me introduce them briefly here:

In-country options are available for U.S. organizations with strict security requirements. With our new National version, organizations can benefit from the same services and entitlements as our existing Advantage and Premier tiers. However, customers can now request access to Cisco experts with U.S. citizenship or residence, specific clearance levels, and on-premises analytics. (Limited availability, U.S. only). To learn how you can stay secure and resilient in an evolving threat landscape, click here.

Service Provider Mobility is a standard architecture. With access to flexible service tiers, cross-architecture coverage, and Specialized Expertise, service providers now have the expertise, analytics, and insights they need to retool and reeducate, design end-to-end architecture, eliminate redundancies, and secure end-to-end protection to speed their transitions to 5G. To support service provider transformation efforts, we are also releasing a new Matrix Analytics Scrum Service. To view the latest on our service provider offer, including insights into how Vodafone is leveraging Business Critical Services to prepare for the future, and to view a demo on Matrix Analytics, click here. 

Specialized Expertise capabilities expand. In all, seven new capabilities were added to Scrum Services, and one new role was added to Expert-as-a-Service. With Specialized Expertise, your organization can create adaptive workforces with the precise expertise you need. Our experts are equipped with cutting-edge tools and best practices to fill critical knowledge gaps on your IT teams.

  • Scrum Services. Our Scrum Services let you create agile teams of experts with the precise skillsets you need to match evolving business needs at every step of your technology journey. New capabilities include: Testing, Security and Threat Management, Automation and DevOps, Matrix Analytics, Automated Fault Management, Compliance and Remediation, and Continuous Automation and Integration Testing (CAIT).
  • Expert-as-a-Service. Fill talent gaps one expert at a time with this service. Role-based experts range from solution architects and consulting engineers to project managers and outcome acceleration managers. Our newest role, outcome acceleration manager, works with you to realize outcomes faster across the IT landscape.

For more than 35 years, Cisco has been helping organizations confidently build resiliency as they navigate their way through change. With Business Critical Services, organizations around the world have access to Cisco experts, analytics, and insights to reimagine IT for agility, growth, and innovation. And we guide them every step of the way, with the technology and expertise they need—when, where and how they need it. And we can help you, too. Let’s chart a new path forward, together. Starting today.

To learn more about our IT resiliency model, view our infographic.

To learn more about our services, connect with your Cisco account representative or authorized partner today, or visit Business Critical Services.