Anne M. McClelland

Director, Retail & Hospitality Practice

Anne McClelland is the Director for the Retail & Hospitality Practice within Cisco’s Business Transformation Team in US Enterprise. She works with customers to help them marry industry with technology to deliver innovative solutions, resulting in measureable business outcomes such as increased revenues, differentiated brand experiences, operational efficiencies, and innovative products and services for consumers.

Anne has been engaged in the delivery of industry solutions for more than 30 years. Her team at Cisco consists of industry professionals from customers’ firms including leaders such as Target, Safeway, Peet’s Coffee, and Panera Bread, as well as technology firms including Microsoft, Motorola, and IBM.

“My goal is to work with retail and hospitality firms to create strategies that drive their business forward and leapfrog the competition,” she says. “It’s not about the technology per se – it’s about using that technology to find the path that allows our customers to realize measurable business results.”

Prior to Cisco, Anne led initiatives with firms including Red Hat, Microsoft, and IBM. Her background includes launching and cultivating business, sales, and technology alliances with customers and partners around the world in retail, logistics, manufacturing, and financial services. Anne also served as quality management leader for two development labs at IBM. While running quality management for IBM’s Retail Store Solutions, her efforts were awarded with the IBM Baldrige Silver level quality award and ISO 9001 certification.

Anne serves on the Board of Trustees for Grove City College and is Vice Chairman of the Library & Technology Committee. Previously, she served in various roles on the Board of the North Carolina Technology Association, and was the Chairman of the Board in 2008. In 2009, Anne was awarded the Jack Kennedy Alumni Achievement Award from Grove City College. She is married with two college-age children and enjoys church activities, choir directing, reading, and vacations with family.

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