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The Price of Being First

New technology is always exciting. There are always groups within the organization that have seen some product demo at a convention or user group and need that new functionality right now!

But sometimes the infrastructure is not there to support it. Or it’s the first time this type of technology has been introduced into your organization. Both of these pose their own distinct issues and challenges.

Some initial questions we ask ourselves are the following:

•    Does our current infrastructure support the requests?
•    Do we need to procure hardware or do code upgrades?
•    Will this pass a security sniff?
•    Will this support the entire organization or is this a one off that will sporadically be used?
•    Who is the first department willing to pilot this?


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How Do I Know if My Current System Can Support My Upgrades?

Guest Post by Contributing Author Ken Presti

There’s a certain level of excitement that comes from looking at prospective upgrades. Nowadays, that excitement is less about speeds-and-feeds, and more about how the recommended path can either pump up revenues or cut expenses.

But underlying all of the great ideas is the system upon which these applications and upgrades will run. So it’s fair to ask your channel partner, “Will my existing systems be able to support your suggested upgrade path?”

More often than not, you won’t need to ask this specific question because the channel partner should proactively tell you. After all, any changes to the infrastructure will carry budget implications that need to be factored into the overall project. But whether the partner brings up this issue or not, don’t assume that all IT systems are created equal. A few things need to be considered:

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