Eric Paine

Information Technology Manager

Health Care System

Eric Paine is a Information Technology Manager for a large Health Care System in the midwest. The technologies that Eric and his team are responsible for include Voice, Video, Telehealth, Contact Center, Digital Signage, Collaboration, and Patient Video Monitoring. Eric and his team enjoy the opportunity to work on new technologies and run pilots that allow the business to see value and cost savings when implemented in everyday work flows.


April 11, 2014


The Price of Being First

3 min read

New technology is always exciting. There are always groups within the organization that have seen some product demo at a convention or user group and need that new functionality right now! But sometimes the infrastructure is not there to support it. Or it’s the first time this type of technology has been introduced into your […]

December 18, 2013


The Importance of Executive Sponsorship

2 min read

Executive sponsorship is one of the most important non-technical aspects of a project. Everyone knows about the technical: do we have rack space, is there enough power, did fibers get ordered, did the equipment ship, are the cut sheets ready? But rarely is thought given to the people aspect of projects. What is Executive sponsorship? […]