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Customers Matter, Always Have, Always Will

Happy Twelfth Birthday – Cisco Data Virtualization Customer Advisory Community

Customer success matters! Advancing Cisco Data Virtualization products and services offerings and our customer’s successful deployment of them, has been the mission of the Cisco Data Virtualization Customer Advisory Community since the initial Customer Advisory Council meeting in 2004, and remains so in today’s greatly expanded program.

360 Degree by 365 Day Engagement

Focused exclusively on Cisco Data Virtualization products and services, community members – including Cisco Data Virtualization customers, partners and employees – participate in the community via a variety of on-line and face-to-face activities. This unique in the data virtualization industry service provides 360 degree by 365 day engagement, delivering the shared insights and resources critical to mutual success.


“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

George Bernard Shaw

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Welcome to Data Virtualization’s New Frontier

DV Book pic

Where We’ve Been

When Judith Davis and I co-authored Data Virtualization: Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration to Achieve Business Agility in 2011, we identified the five most popular Data Virtualization usage patterns at that time.

“Data virtualization is a versatile data integration solution that can be deployed to solve a wide range of data integration challenges. Based on nearly ten years of successful implementations, several common usage patterns have emerged to help guide your enterprise’s data virtualization adoption strategy.

  • BI data federation
  • Data warehouse extension
  • Enterprise data virtualization layer
  • Big data integration
  • Cloud data integration”

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Announcing Data Virtualization Release; Increased Support for Cloud, SaaS and Social Media Data Sources

Cisco continues to make significant investments in our Data and Analytics offerings, including our industry-leading Data Virtualization software. The latest release of the Cisco Information Server, version 7.0.3, reflects the healthy collaboration that we have with our valued customers, and our talented engineering team.

Two forces driving the evolution of data management for analytics are the overarching move to cloud and SaaS solutions, and the rise of NoSQL databases as inputs to reporting and analytics. Responding to these trends takes agility, but it also takes resources—and at Cisco, we have both. We are making a major push to support new cloud, SaaS and Big Data sources out of the box, keeping data virtualization relevant to customers’ new IT landscapes and shortening time to value.

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Drowning in Data: Data Preparation to the Rescue

Everyone knows that data is important. Modern enterprises compete with data and win with the agility and insight it provides.

Thus the “Big Data Era” as metaphorically captured by terms such at Data Lakes, Data Reservoirs, Data Swamps, Data Streams and myriad others that attempt to describe the pools of liquid gold that this valuable data represents.

It seems everyone today is swimming in data. With many figuratively drowning in it.

The Rise of Data Swim Teams

With so much data and so much opportunity, big data has become a team sport at most large organizations today. This makes sense. There simply aren’t enough data scientists to carry the entire load. And while IT has skills and is ready to help, they already have a huge backlog. So business leaders are redirecting their resources to “jump in” with both feet.

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Trends for Data & Analytics


One of my favorite things to do is to talk to Cisco customers, partners and industry analysts about common trends they are seeing in their business and the overall market. We look at trends similarly to why we conduct analytics, not only to see what is happening now but to also help predict what will happen next. This ability to “see around the corner” helps us be more agile as we adjust data and analytics strategies, and therefore our business.

As we head into 2016, today I’d like to share a few the top trends I consistently see and hear about data and analytics.

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