While everyone else is enjoying summer’s warm days and fun-filled vacations, the analysts at Gartner and Forrester are busy working on their next set of reports covering the data virtualization market and key products in the space such as the Cisco Information Server.

What new data virtualization reports will await you as you return from your fun in the sun?

For all those Gartner and Forrester subscribers in the audience, here is your preview.

Gartner Data Integration Magic Quadrant

The most venerable of analysts’ data integration research reports, with roots leading back into the 1990’s, the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration is currently scheduled to publish sometime in August on Gartner.com.

As always, this year’s effort involves an “A Team” of Gartner Analysts including:

  • Mark A. Beyer, Research VP & Distinguished Analyst, Data Management & Analytics
  • Eric Thoo, Research Director, Application Architecture, Infrastructure and Integration
  • Ehtisham Zaidi, Principal Research Analyst, Data Management & Analytics
  • Mei Yang Selvage, Research Director, Data Management & Analytics

The report’s scope spans beyond data virtualization to cover multiple data integration delivery methods as previously defined by Gartner to include:

  • “Physical bulk/batch data movement between data repositories, such as processes for ETL or extraction, loading and transformation (ELT)
  • Data federation/virtualization
  • Message-oriented encapsulation and movement of data (via linkage with application integration tool capability)
  • Data synchronization when distributed datasets must resolve data collisions resulting from distinct changes in disparate copies of data to retain data consistency
  • Replication of data between homogeneous or heterogeneous DBMSs and schemas
  • Migration of data across versions of data repositories (such as databases, i.e. systems, and so on) and applications (resolving logical differences to achieve physical migration)”

Given this wide scope, broader data integration product offerings from vendors such as Informatica and Talend typically fill the “Leaders” quadrant.  Specialist providers such as Cisco generally fall into “Visionaries, Challengers and Niche Players” using Gartner Magic Quadrant vernacular.  Stay tuned for 2017 results.

Gartner – Adopt Data Virtualization to Improve Agility and Bimodal Traits in Your Aging Data Integration

On July 14, 2017, Ehtisham and Mei teamed up to publish guidance on how organizations can leverage data virtualization help optimize data integration success in Adopt Data Virtualization to Improve Agility and Bimodal Traits in Your Aging Data Integration. In particular, the report showcases data virtualization’s value add within Gartner’s Logical Data Warehouse architecture as well as how data virtualization helps span the agility versus operational challenges Gartner addresses in their Bi-Model IT research.

Gartner Data Virtualization Market Guide

Last summer, Mark and Ehtisham joined with fellow analyst Shubhangi Vashisth to produce Gartner’s first ever Market Guide for Data Virtualization.  In contrast with the broader Data Integration Magic Quadrant, this research provided deeper insights into the data virtualization market, per se, where Gartner predicts significant adoption over the next several years.  Beyond data virtualization market definition, direction and analysis content, this report also listed 16 representative vendors and their offerings including the Cisco Information Server.

This summer, Mark and Ehtisham are joining Gartner analyst Ankush Jain to produce the 2017 version of the report, currently scheduled for publication later this month.   Keep an eye out for these updated insights.

Forrester Wave for Data Virtualization 2017

Forrester’s “granddaddy” of data virtualization analysts’ reports is also under development this summer, with anticipated publication on Forrester.com in November 2017.

Forrester analyst Noel Yuhanna, who collaborated with fellow analyst Mike Gilpin on Forrester’s seminal data virtualization research back in 2006, the landmark Information Fabric: Enterprise Data Virtualization in January 2006, is leading Forrester’s fifth-generation Data Virtualization Wave research efforts.  Earlier Data Virtualization Wave’s from Noel include:

  • The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Data Virtualization in March 2015
  • The Forrester WaveTM: Data Virtualization, Q1 2012 in January 2012
  • The Forrester WaveTM: Information-as-a-Service, Q1 2010 in January 2010
  • The Forrester WaveTM: Information-as-a-Service, Q1 2008 in January 2008

Cisco Information Server, formerly Composite Information Server, has been a strong performer or leader in every one of these reports.  And we hope to maintain this high standard again this year.

Additional Research from Other Analysts

If you don’t have access to Gartner and Forrester, don’t worry.   Notable independent data virtualization analysts such as Rick van der Lans of R20/Consultancy, Mark Madsen of Third Nature, Radiant Advisors’ John O’Brien and Enterprise Management Associates’ John Myers continue to produce outstanding data virtualization research reports and white papers.

While not exactly “beach reads,” their far-reaching work provides additional perspectives that I think you will find quite valuable complements to the upcoming work from Gartner and Forrester.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer.



Bob Eve

No Longer with Cisco