June 11, 2019


Getting to Know You — The Three-Dimensional Cognitive Workspace

4 min read

The future of work is three-dimensional. And the good news is, it’s here now. It’s part of a new approach called cognitive collaboration, incorporating artificial intelligence with the right context.

August 26, 2013


Back to School: Transforming the Classroom with IoE

2 min read

With students and teachers heading back to school, I’ve been thinking about when attended high school and college. For me, collaboration meant getting together with study groups, phone calls for homework help and office hours with teachers. For my two children – one a college junior and one college freshman – I have seen streaming […]

May 14, 2013


Concert Connects Students, Celebrities on Virtual Stage

1 min read

Budget cuts are costing many American students their arts education. As a wanna-be artist and overall proponent of all things creative, I have long valued the impact of arts education – especially in public schools. Unfortunately, these are the programs that are too often cut when budgets are slashed and difficult decisions must be made. […]