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June 22, 2016


Big Data is a Big Deal for Your Infrastructure (and it is Cool!)

2 min read

As I author this, I am in my hotel room in Chicago and its Thursday evening. Our core Cisco Big Data...

May 31, 2016


OpenStack Can Be Complicated .. But It Does Not Have To Be

2 min read

Another debate is over … and I am not referring to the US presidential election … I am referring to the growing maturity of OpenStack and its level of adoption in the marketplace. Over 7,500 people attended the last OpenStack Summit in Austin, TX. The energy at the event was palpable. Various organizations stepped forward […]

January 8, 2015


Red Hat and Cisco bring Application Policy to OpenStack environments

2 min read

On January 13, 2015, Cisco will celebrate a year of industry adoption of Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), a ground breaking SDN architecture. It will include a public webcast with...

November 3, 2014


Cisco and Red Hat – All In with OpenStack for the Enterprise

2 min read

When it comes to driving innovation in next generation data center architectures, open source is clearly at the forefront. A perfect example is OpenStack, which is defining the future of cloud computing across private, public and hybrid clouds. This innovation is being driven by a strong and vibrant community that is taking place in Paris […]

September 4, 2014


Cisco and Red Hat to Build On-Ramps to the Intercloud

2 min read

CIOs are embracing cloud to deliver I.T. applications and services to employees, partners and customers more flexibly and at lower cost. As cloud moves from experimentation into the mainstream, OpenStack and other open source technologies have emerged as a catalyst for cloud innovation.

June 11, 2014


#EngineersUnplugged S5|Ep14 OpenShift on OpenStack

1 min read

Welcome to the season finale of Engineers Unplugged! We are taking a break to prepare for Season 7 next week. In this week’s episode, Daneyon Hansen (@daneyonhansen) and Diane Mueller (@pythondj) deep-dive on OpenShift on Openstack, including Heat and GearD. Watch for the technology, stay for the interpretive dance. This is Engineers Unplugged, where technologists talk […]

April 9, 2014


Open Source Acceleration for Applications

3 min read

In previous blogs I have described how organizations are maturing beyond provisioning of individual servers to provisioning of richer cloud-based application stacks.  Known as platform-as-a-service (PaaS), this capability takes cloud technology beyond infrastructure to automate the application life cycle.  PaaS allows developers and IT operations to collaborate and ensure that application stacks are consistent and […]

January 27, 2014


Check out what’s new in the latest release of UCS Director!

5 min read

Cisco’s award winning converged infrastructure management software solution just got even better!  In the latest release of Cisco UCS Director, we’ve added broader and deeper infrastructure support across the compute, network, storage and virtualization layers, as well making the product even more scalable.  The latest release also comes with new software development kits (SDKs) for […]