public funding

February 19, 2024


Time to Leverage the USDA’s Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program

3 min read

The USDA’s Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) program was established in 2023 to help organizations provide education and healthcare services to communities in rural areas. The Cisco Public Funding Office helps these organizations explore DLT opportunities and pursue technology grants.

November 13, 2023


Broadband Funding for Community Anchor Institutions

3 min read

Community Anchor Institutions are gearing up to capture a share of $42 billion in federal BEAD grants to build access to gigabit-level broadband service. Find out how it works and how we can help. All in our latest Public Funding blog.

August 21, 2023


Cybersecurity Funding for State, Local, and Tribal Nations and Electric Utilities

3 min read

As our nation works to secure critical infrastructure, federal grants are now available for state and local governments, Tribal nations, and electric utilities. Get up to speed on all the details.

September 22, 2022


Investing in Middle Mile Networks to Reduce Social and Digital Inequality

3 min read

The U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has a $1 billion program to create middle mile networks that connect the Internet backbone with the last mile to expand broadband and improve access.

October 28, 2020


Reimagining Government Resiliency

3 min read

Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining how government works – for you and for the countries and communities you serve. Cisco is proud to announce new global government solutions that support resiliency for judicial systems as well as legislative and parliamentary bodies to securely pivot to remote and hybrid governing. #GovernmentNow

March 10, 2016


Don’t Wait, Apply for E-rate!

2 min read

E-Rate applications are due April 29th! If you are unsure what E-Rate can do for you, these Cisco resources help with what you need to know -- now.