April 13, 2020


Don’t Wait. Now is the Time to Move Your Calling and Contact Centers to the Cloud

The drivers for cloud calling and contact center solutions are stronger now than ever – but for large enterprises, moving to the cloud can seem like a daunting undertaking. Fortunately, Cisco has designed solutions to allow enterprises to act now, choosing small steps – or even a giant leap - for big impact.

December 19, 2018


Planning a Cloud Communications Migration: Access Network & Service Assurance Options

This is part five of a seven-part series on how IT managers and communications service providers (CSPs) can work together to simplify their migration of premises-based communications to the cloud.

December 13, 2018


Planning a Cloud Communications Migration: Navigating IT Priorities & LAN/WAN Management

This is part one of the fourth installment in a five-part series on migrating business communications services. In this post, we take on another common challenge in migrating business communications to the cloud – the increased demands on IP access connectivity – both from a technical and commercial perspective.

December 10, 2018


Simplify Your Communications Migration Options: Private & Public Cloud Solutions

Third in a five-part series on migrating business communications services: Deciding when to deploy sites and users on multi-tenant (“public”) cloud solutions versus dedicated, virtualized (“private”) cloud solutions.

November 2, 2018


Take the Risk Out of Cloud Calling: Cut-Over & Migration Planning

As service providers build out their migration offers, one of the most important offer elements relates to how aggressively to turn down legacy systems and turn up cloud communications services. This is the second in a seven-part blog series on migrating business communications services.

November 1, 2018


Removing the Risk & Mystery from Migrating to Cloud Communications

In a five-part blog series, we break down the challenges and complexity of cloud communications migrations. We will also provide a series of recommendations to simplify migrations for both service providers and businesses caught in a holding pattern with their existing PBX infrastructure.

February 20, 2015


Software Defined Contact Center

If you are a technology professional, then chances are that you are aware (maybe to the point of annoyance) that everything is getting defined in software these days. We have Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), Software-Defined Storage (SDS), and the list goes on and on. Software defining anything has become such a powerful […]