Small Steps for Big Impact

What is behind the decision, for an enterprise leadership team, to migrate their PBX or unified communications infrastructure to the cloud? It may seem like a simple question, but there are many factors to consider that have implications far beyond the initial question.

Of course, there are considerations of cost, technical readiness, and impact on your customers and your workforce. But those are the relatively easy questions to answer with the right technical solutions.

The bigger question is really, where is the market going, or where would you like to take it? What are the fundamental changes in the way you do business that you will have to make, in order to get there?

Don’t Wait. Now is the Time to Move Your Calling and Contact Centers to the Cloud. African American man talking on the phone with a headset looking out the windowWhen you look at it from this standpoint, you recognize that you’re staring at the digital transformation challenge and the question won’t go away, it will only get louder if you ignore it.

Fortunately, when you take the step of moving your calling and collaboration services to the cloud, there is a way you can take a giant leap forward on your digital transformation success journey. Let’s take a look.

Getting Started

First, start by moving a small, or even a major site, department, or division of your business to a Cisco cloud calling solution, either Cisco Webex Calling or Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud – talk with your Cisco authorized channel partner to determine which platform is right for your business needs. Both platforms support Cisco cloud contact center solutions, meaning they’re big picture investments in your digital transformation strategy. The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan was designed for just that.

A Bridge to the Cloud

When you start with the Cisco cloud, you address the most pressing concerns, like true cost, technical readiness and impact on customers and employees.

How? Well, the cost is minimized, because you don’t have to figure out how to replace everything at once. The Cisco cloud will connect with your on-premises systems, using Webex Edge for Calling, whether your PBXs are from Cisco or some other vendor, and provide you with a bridge to the cloud to begin your journey. This bridge is also the key to ensuring technical readiness is not an issue and that your cloud service will not disrupt internal users, or your customers.

Because you don’t have to replace everything at once, you don’t even need to have a firm plan in place, yet, to do so. With Cisco, you gain the freedom to walk, before you run to the cloud.

Soaring to New Digital Transformation Heights

Once you have a solid footing in the cloud, it’s much easier to map out the next phases of your journey. The specific details will be different for every business. With Cisco, you have the option of adding additional on-premises systems, where necessary, without disrupting your overall cloud strategy. Because Cisco is a leader in both on-premises and cloud-delivered calling and contact center solutions, we offer the greatest flexibility in navigating the cloud and executing on your workplace or digital transformation initiatives.

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We have a great lineup of speakers, including respected industry expert Phil Edholm who will offer you practical guidance on how and why to move your calling and contact center services to the cloud.

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