Oil and Gas

How Predictive Maintenance Works – 5 Steps

3 min read

Predictive maintenance provides operators with a reliable estimate of when maintenance will be needed on an industrial asset. The 5 steps of predictive maintenance start with data acquisition. Then, data processing identifies whether a failure will occur in the near future. Finally, the processed data is stored and visualized for operators to analyze and make […]

December 22, 2022


Top Five 2022 highlights from Cisco IoT Industrial Networking

2 min read

2022 has been a year of acceleration for digitization of physical infrastructure. Let’s take a look at some key moments and what we achieved together.

Hybrid Work in Energy and Mining Industries

1 min read

Hybrid work is changing the way Mining and Energy companies operate.

Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions – What we can learn about security elements for Oil & Gas operations

2 min read

Incidents such as the Nord Stream pipeline explosions highlight the need for security in the energy market. Specifically there are three ways companies should secure operations including: asset visibility, risk mitigation and incident response.

The Wireless Refinery

3 min read

Trend Overview Wireless technology has been a critical part of every refinery for years. However, choosing which type of wireless system to deploy has become more complex with the choices of Wifi, LTE, WiHart, ISA100 and multiple fixed wireless or mesh options. This document will position each of these technologies for their most valuable use […]