network provisioning

November 8, 2018


Get Started with the Whole of Branch Provisioning – Virtual and Physical

8 min read

Learn how to automate branch provisioning of both virtual (ISRv) and physical (Catalyst 9300) devices.

May 31, 2018


Learn How To Leverage Meraki APIs in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

2 min read

With Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, you can create apps that enable loyalty programs, track the location of WiFi and BLE devices, build analytics extensions, and make it easier to deploy at scale.

August 2, 2017


The New Network – It’s for Developers!

6 min read

With Open IOS XE, Cisco is Changing the Game Old-school network engineers probably remember the Cisco 2500-series router. It ran a slow Motorola 68000 CPU, the monolithic IOS operating system,...

December 5, 2013


Automated Fabric Provisioning Using Cisco Prime DCNM

2 min read

Do you have a need for automated provisioning of your data center? Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) might just provide that solution. DCNM is designed to help you efficiently implement, visualize, and manage the Cisco Unified Fabric. The need today in the datacenter is for a comprehensive management platform that delivers visibility as […]

July 12, 2013


Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation at Cisco Live

1 min read

At Cisco Live in Orlando two weeks ago we announced some very exciting news about the evolution of the Cisco Unified Fabric portfolio. With the announcement of Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA) on June 26th, we are changing the game on how fabrics are managed, provisioned, and automated. In the Techwise TV video interview below […]

June 26, 2013


Introducing Cisco Unified Fabric Innovations: Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation, Nexus 7700 Switches, and F3 Modules

5 min read

Cisco today introduced Application-Centric Infrastructure as the vision for Next Generation Data Center architecture, built for both today’s physical and virtual workloads as well as tomorrow’s highly dynamic Cloud-based, and performance-intensive big data application environments. Please check out Padmasree Warrior’s blog or Cisco Unified Fabric to learn more.   What I would like to share with you […]