Cisco Meraki is cloud-managed IT. With over 230,000+ customers and 3 million+ network devices around the world, you can create apps that enable loyalty programs, track the location of WiFi and BLE devices, build analytics extensions, and make it easier to deploy at scale.

You asked for insight into how to leverage our APIs and the Meraki team has delivered. Check out these sessions and workshops coming to the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live.

Shiyue Cheng

Starting with Meraki Sensei Shiyue Cheng, Meraki Consulting Systems Engineer, who will guide you through using the Meraki Python library to start interacting with your organization’s dashboard in Meraki Network Programmability and Python Automation with Dashboard API (DEVNET-1194). Never worked with Python before and want to have a running start before his session? Check out create.meraki.io, which is filled with great learning labs for network engineers and developers to learn how to build and integrate with Meraki Infrastructure.

But wait there’s more! Customers over the past few months have been asking for more from Meraki APIs. We have delivered! The Solutions Architecture Team wants to highlight some of the latest and greatest solutions built by the Meraki team as well as esteem customers and partners!

Cory Guynn

Master Builder Cory Guynn, Solutions Architect, helps you build a recipe for success. Engagement with Meraki Splash API [DEVNET-2110] can help any company create custom tailored splash pages while using Meraki CMX API to find new and innovative ways to engage customers. Stop by and let Cory show you how to create a bespoke solution for success.

Courtney Batiste

Meraki Kunoichi Courtney Batiste, Solutions Architect, will take you on a journey with Meraki Network Provisioning, Deployment and Monitoring with API and Automation [DEVNET-2069]. Using top automation and monitoring tools in the market, she will show you how to extend your dashboard into your network operations center and help standardize changes to meet your organization’s needs.

Colin Lowenberg

Meraki Ninja Colin Lowenberg, Solutions Architect, will teach you the art of building simple yet powerful WiFi Splash Page with the Meraki the Captive Portal API [DEVNET-2115]. He will give you step-by-step instructions on how to build a powerful data-driven solution for your own organization using JavaScript.

Tony Carmichael

Leader extraordinaire Tony Carmichael, Manager Solutions Architecture, will guide network engineers and developers on how to streamline provisioning your Meraki networks with Automation with Meraki Provisioning API [DEVNET-2120]. He will walk you through using the Dashboard APIs then show how one can create a powerful solution from automating mundane processes and simplify day-to-day operations.

These five DevNet sessions were built to engage developers and network engineers. When you leave these sessions, the knowledge will be the foundation for any organization to build world class solutions using your intelligent Meraki infrastructure.

Find out more about Meraki at Cisco Live, including a full list of Meraki sessions, workshops, demo, and activities we have for you in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live, Orlando.  See you there!

Meraki Sessions and Activities in The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Orlando

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Courtney Batiste

Solutions Architect

Meraki Sales