Jeff McLaughlin

Director of Technical Marketing

Jeff McLaughlin is a Director of Technical Marketing in Cisco’s Intent Based Networking Group (IBNG). Jeff’s team handles automation and programmability of Cisco’s enterprise portfolio, including Cisco DNA Center, Software-Defined Access, Identity Services Engine, and APIs across these products. He has a background in programmability, and has worked extensively on NETCONF/YANG-based automation of network devices. Prior to Cisco Jeff reported to the CIO of Juniper Networks as the lead for corporate network architecture, and he has also worked in Cisco TAC. Jeff holds CCIE #14023 in Routing/Switching and Security, and is a Cisco Live Hall of Fame Distinguished Speaker. When he’s not building networks, Jeff indulges his passion for ancient languages and enjoys reading works in ancient Greek and Latin, and singing Gregorian Chant.


August 3, 2022


Cisco ISE APIs and Programmability

2 min read

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) has a rich set of APIs enabling scripting of its capabilities. As ISE moves to the cloud, its APIs will help customers to deploy smoothly.

September 7, 2021


Identify and secure your network with Endpoint Analytics

2 min read

Not all devices on your network can run 802.1x to identify themselves, but using Cisco's AI Endpoint Analytics, you can identify and secure all your IOT devices intelligently.

June 7, 2021


Cisco DNAC Rogue Detection and aWIPS

2 min read

Wireless networks open up a number of threats to your network, but with Cisco DNAC Rogue Detection and aWIPS, potential threats can be detected and contained.

July 30, 2018


New Book on IOS XE Programmability Assumes No Software Development Experience

1 min read

New book covers automating device onboarding, configuration, monitoring, and optimization; and outlines the general concepts of programmability supported by IOS XE.

August 2, 2017


The New Network – It’s for Developers!

6 min read

With Open IOS XE, Cisco is Changing the Game Old-school network engineers probably remember the Cisco 2500-series router. It ran a slow Motorola 68000 CPU, the monolithic IOS operating system,...