Jeff McLaughlin

Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

Jeff McLaughlin is a Principal TME for enterprise switching at Cisco. Jeff specializes in programmability and automation of Catalyst switches, and manages a team of TMEs working on Software Defined Access and Programmability. Prior to working at Cisco, Jeff was the network architect for corporate IT at Juniper Networks. He also worked in both pre and post-sales roles at a Cisco VAR, and as a routing protocols engineer at Cisco High Touch Technical Support. Jeff holds CCIE #14023 in Routing/Switching and Security, and JNCIE Service Provider #2332. Outside of network engineering, Jeff has a passion for ancient languages and has studied and taught Ancient Greek.


July 30, 2018


New Book on IOS XE Programmability Assumes No Software Development Experience

New book covers automating device onboarding, configuration, monitoring, and optimization; and outlines the general concepts of programmability supported by IOS XE.

August 2, 2017


The New Network – It’s for Developers!

With Open IOS XE, Cisco is Changing the Game Old-school network engineers probably remember the Cisco 2500-series router. It ran a slow Motorola 68000 CPU, the monolithic IOS operating system,...