NAB 2019

Continuing our Innovations with Cisco IP Fabric for Media

3 min read

Right from when we started our journey in 2016, we realized that there are unique challenges the Media industry brings.

Tap this Ecosystem to Maximize your CAPEX AND OPEX Investments

2 min read

With NAB in full force, it would be an epic fail not to swing through the Cisco booth (and Synamedia’s along the way: SU10125).

Unleash a more dynamic network – IP Fabric for Media

2 min read

In my previous post, I noted the hastening of the ‘content cadence’, in terms of the volume and speed at which new TV shows and films are vying for our individual and collective attention.

Straight Talk About the IP Transition in Media

4 min read

By now it’s clear that IP-based technologies are threading into the media supply chain with alacrity, whether we’re talking about content ingest, signal processing, or distribution.

Shoot, Share, Edit, Retake, Perfect – On Set, in Real Time

2 min read

Maybe this is happening to you: You’re talking with a friend, and learn of yet another new TV show, from yet another online media source, that sounds really interesting –...

NAB 2019: How Balance Matters in Media and Entertainment

3 min read

I think this will be my 15th or so NAB, and each year it’s both exciting and intriguing to see the Media & Entertainment industry shift, pivot and evolve.