By Bart Van Daele, product marketing, video processing at Synamedia

With NAB in full force, it would be an epic fail not to swing through the Cisco booth (and Synamedia’s along the way: SU10125). As Jacob pointed out last week, “exciting” is the best way to describe what you can see in these booths this year.  The area we’re most excited about is the Virtualization Station. It may be all about virtualization, but it is very real, and wow!, can it help large operators and media companies stay ahead of the game.

As you likely know, by 2021 there will be 27 billion connected video devices and 82% of all IP traffic will be video content. At the same time, consumer behavior continues to evolve.  A growing number of viewers from younger generations know no other viewing experience that doesn’t include access to linear, on-demand and cloud DVR channels. It’s becoming the norm, which means the old methods of processing video simply cannot survive this metamorphosis in both technology and consumer expectations.

Most of us reading this blog realize that in order to maintain a traditional viewership base via the set-top box and continue expanding your reach to viewers leveraging mobile devices, you’ll need two video processing and delivery systems: MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) to reach the former and Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming for the latter.  Thinking about them as separate avenues can have significantly frightening CAPEX and OPEX cost implications and operational complexities.

Our advice is: don’t think that way. Our ecosystem makes it so you don’t have to.

Synamedia and Cisco are a part of an ecosystem that leverages a converged architecture to support a wide range of over-the-top and broadcast formats to address each workflow process and step. No matter if you’re looking at ABR streaming or MPEG-2 TS delivery, you can depend on the agility and scale of this architecture to help ensure the viewing experience is fully immersive and uninterrupted.  Some of its business benefits you can expect include:

  • A unified platform for linear, OTT, VOD and recording applications in an efficient and easy-to-maintain environment
  • Faster time to market – no matter the geography or market needs
  • The assurance that if a service needs to stop (say an application is proven unsuccessful) it can be done quickly and efficiently
  • Optimization of OPEX through flexible usage of resources in hybrid cloud architectures

Synamedia’s converged headend consists of video processing applications of the Synamedia media plane including solutions for encoding, packaging, recording, storage, encryption and publishing of streaming (ABR) and broadcast (MPEG-2 and others). By leveraging these software solutions with Cisco’s UCS platform and other components of our best-of-breed ecosystem, operators and media companies can find the right approach to OPEX and CAPEX.

By definition, an ecosystem is any system or network of interconnecting and interacting parts. Tap into ours to help you find new ways to reach new customers, increase agility and scale and maximize your investments.

See you out on the show floor!



Robert Covington

Systems Engineering Manager

Global Service Provider