Sunil Gudurvalmiki

Senior Product Manager

Data Center Networking

Sunil Gudurvalmiki is a Senior Product Manager for Nexus 9000 product family at Cisco. In his current role, Sunil is responsible for driving IP solutions for media and broadcast industry and VXLAN fabric solutions. He is very glad to be part of technology transition to IP in the media and passionate about contributing to this evolution. He specializes in Network Fabric Architectures, DevOps tools, SDN architectures, Network APIs, and Automation technologies. Prior to his current role, Sunil was a technical leader and a programmer in Cisco routing and switching products


September 6, 2019


Rise of Day-2 Operations – Pinpointing Video Quality Issues

If you’re in the media industry, you know why the move from serial digital interfaces (SDI) to IP can be so stressful.