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We’re thrilled to welcome you to Cisco Live 2024, taking place in Las Vegas from June 2-6, or join us virtually for free! Collaborate with experts and discuss cutting edge trends within manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, mining, and transportation. Network with thought leaders and gain forward-thinking insights driving your sector forward.

Get started with a full list of industry sessions and activities

Join the leading minds in IT and learn about cutting-edge practices driving innovation in manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, transportation, and utilities industries at Cisco Live. Immerse yourself in a series of in-depth workshops and on-demand content, highlighting the developments of AI, sustainability, and security across industrial industries. Maximize your experience at Cisco Live with a lineup of industry sessions and activities.

Check out the sessions and activities and plan your experience:

Industrials at Cisco Live 2024

We’ll be featuring a varied lineup of customers and partners, as well as our own subject matter experts, at Cisco Live, each sharing insights on key industry topic. Make sure to visit our webpage to learn more about key sessions, networking opportunities, and customer recognition programs we have lined up. Take a sneak peek below at some of the key partners and subject matter experts you’ll have the chance to connect and learn from at Cisco Live. They will be covering a variety of important topics related to our focus set of verticals within the industrials.

Manufacturing: Powering Smarter Manufacturing

Step into the world of seamless industrial connectivity and smart factory expertise at Cisco Live. Experience how mobile assets can be integrated into networks for new levels of connectivity and control through IoT solutions, and how this paves the way for smarter, more secure factory operations. We’ll connect the dots between robust IoT applications and the strategic insights of Industry 4.0, offering a comprehensive blueprint for the modern manufacturing landscape.

Transform your manufacturing strategy and embrace the digital transformation with us at Cisco Live.

Oil and Gas/Mining: AI’s Future Impact on Oil, Gas, and Mining

Uncover the role of AI in revolutionizing the oil & gas and mining sectors at Cisco Live. With a focus on enhancing asset visibility, network, and automated security, the integration of Cisco’s data analytics and AI is setting new standards for operational efficiency and resilience.

Join us to learn more about the pivotal role AI plays in the future of oil & gas and mining, and how Cisco’s solutions are leading the charge towards a smarter, more secure infrastructure.

Transportation: Reinventing Transportation Security

The future towards safer, smarter transportation is paved with strategic innovation and steadfast cybersecurity. Sessions led by top experts will expand on the adoption of cutting-edge network designs and security measures that address the urgent cyber threats identified by national security agencies. Bridging the gap between current challenges and future of infrastructure, these discussions will provide insights into infrastructural developments and concepts to enhance security resilience.

Join the movement in redefining transportation and discover how the fusion of technology and safety are shaping the future of transportation.

Utilities: Innovating Renewable Energy with AI

The journey towards a future of renewable energy is anchored by bold innovations and the strategic implementation of technology. Join industry experts at Cisco Live to learn about the transformative impact of Cisco’s AI and secure networking in promoting renewable energy initiatives. Gain insights from the forefront of innovation and learn from success stories like Scottish Wind Power.

Register now to discover how Cisco’s technological advancements are redefining the renewable energy movement: Accelerating Renewable Energy Deployment at Scale.

Let’s continue the conversation… We can’t wait to connect with you in person in Las Vegas or virtually!

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