mark chandler

July 31, 2019


A Changed Environment Requires a Changed Approach

 Cisco Resolves Claims Related to Video Security Software Sold Between 2008 to 2014 As the world’s largest supplier of internet security hardware and software products and services, we’re reminded every...

February 4, 2019


Human Rights Must be Front and Center for Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Privacy

Artificial intelligence and the internet of things have the potential to drive unprecedented productivity, reduce pollution, and improve human health. With the rollout of advanced, high speed wireless connectivity known...

Cisco General Counsel Calls for IPR Improvements to Protect Patentholders

Innovation is the life blood of our company.  We invest more than $6 billion annually in research and development, and have over 14,000 issued US patents, reflecting the strength of...

March 30, 2017


Legal Services Funding Supports Integrity of our Legal System

Our market economy, which produces goods and services and jobs for billions around the world, is built on the foundation of a strong commercial law system – a foundation that promises “a deal is a deal”, that rights and obligations can be enforced through courts offering equal justice under law. For companies like mine, access to […]

March 28, 2017


Cisco Supports Tech Effort to Help Hate Crime Victims

Recently I had the chance to see how smart technology, applied to vexing social problems, can help provide solutions and build a better world. Working with the American Bar Association’s Center for Innovation (ABA), we’re deeply engaged in an effort to create a better path for those who believe they’ve been victimized by a hate […]

Protecting Innovation: Investors and Customers Deserve Transparency

On June 23, the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Arista’s products infringed three Cisco patents. In roughly a week, the ITC will release a public version of the 60-page opinion laying out the full background and rationale for its decision. Given the importance of transparency for the industry, Cisco is asking the Commission to make the entire ruling public.

June 23, 2016


Protecting Innovation: Final Ruling Confirms Unlawful Infringement

Today the International Trade Commission issued a Final Determination that Arista’s products infringe three Cisco patents. Two of the patents cover Cisco’s private VLAN network security technology which Arista included in its switches. The third covers Cisco’s proprietary core SysDB technology misappropriated by Arista, which Arista’s CEO has ironically referred to as Arista’s “secret sauce.” The case, known as “the ‘944 investigation,” is the first […]

April 11, 2016


Protecting Innovation: Update on ITC Investigations

When we launched our District Court and International Trade Commission (ITC) actions in 2014, we promised to provide ongoing updates on their progress. On February 2, Judge Shaw issued a ruling in the first ITC case (‘944) that Arista had violated three of five Cisco patents. Despite a large number of redactions, the reasons for […]

March 3, 2016


Protecting Innovation: ITC Releases Detailed Ruling and Remedy

Today International Trade Commission Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), David Shaw released the 294-page public version of his ruling in  the first of two patent infringement cases involving Arista that Cisco had initiated at the ITC. Today’s ruling follows last week’s publication of his proposed remedies. These important documents lay out the intentional nature of Arista’s […]