America Invents Act

August 31, 2020


Why Cisco is taking action to keep America’s patent system strong

6 min read

Cisco is a strong supporter of the US patent system. We own over 16,000 US patents, protecting our right to profit from the fruits of the $6 billion dollars we spend each year inventing new ways to connect the world and protect the safety of the Internet.

Cisco General Counsel Calls for IPR Improvements to Protect Patentholders

4 min read

Innovation is the life blood of our company.  We invest more than $6 billion annually in research and development, and have over 14,000 issued US patents, reflecting the strength of...

February 8, 2012


Patent Fees Should Cover PTO Expenses

1 min read

The fees paid by users of the PTO should cover the cost of the services the PTO provides, and the fees, once paid, should actually be available to the PTO to provide those services and not diverted to other purposes.