patent reform

August 31, 2020


Why Cisco is taking action to keep America’s patent system strong

6 min read

Cisco is a strong supporter of the US patent system. We own over 16,000 US patents, protecting our right to profit from the fruits of the $6 billion dollars we spend each year inventing new ways to connect the world and protect the safety of the Internet.

Cisco General Counsel Calls for IPR Improvements to Protect Patentholders

4 min read

Innovation is the life blood of our company.  We invest more than $6 billion annually in research and development, and have over 14,000 issued US patents, reflecting the strength of...

June 11, 2015


Statement on House Judiciary Committee 
Passage of Patent Reform Legislation

1 min read

The House Judiciary Committee today approved patent reform legislation that helps create a level playing field for those seeking to encourage innovation. This is the second time in two weeks that a key Congressional committee voted in favor of reform. It is a clear demonstration of the bipartisan, bicameral support for reform. Like any legislation, […]

June 4, 2015


Statement by Mark Chandler on Senate Judiciary Committee Passage of Patent Reform

1 min read

The Senate Judiciary Committee today overwhelmingly approved patent litigation reform, clearing a hurdle which proved insurmountable in the last Congress. This is a major milestone that demonstrates strong bipartisan, bicameral support for meaningful patent reform. It clears the way for the Senate to act. The bill approved by Committee takes a major step toward restoring […]

April 29, 2015


Cisco Welcomes Introduction of Senate Patent Litigation Reform Bill

1 min read

The introduction of Protecting American Talent and Entrepreneurship (PATENT) Act of 2015 represents a major milestone on the long road to patent reform. On behalf of Cisco, let me thank Senators Grassley, Leahy, Cornyn, Schumer, Lee, Hatch and Klobuchar for their work to forge bipartisan support for this legislation. The problem of abusive patent litigation […]

December 23, 2014


A Grammy-Class Outcome to the Rockstar Patents

3 min read

Today’s definitive agreement for purchase of the Rockstar patents by a subsidiary of patent clearinghouse RPX Corporation, with simultaneous licensing of the portfolio to more than 30 technology companies, including Cisco, represents a victory for common sense.

February 6, 2014


Innovatio Case: Victory for Cisco Customers Makes the Case for Patent Reform

2 min read

We're pleased to announce today that we've achieved full protection for millions of Cisco customers from the overblown and specious claims of a very aggressive patent assertion entity.