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Why Latin America Should Embrace the Internet of Things

3 min read

This post was written by Jordi Botifoll, President, Cisco Latin America, and originally published by the World Economic Forum Latin America faces major challenges in terms of development and competitiveness, but at the same time has a great opportunity to rethink its future and take huge steps forward. The next phase of the Internet, the Internet […]

August 1, 2014


Latin America Insights: Keeping Your Organization Safe in a Mobile World

3 min read

The power of mobility has transformed the IT landscape. While mobility and other tech forces, such as cloud and big data, have enabled organizations to improve productivity and increase efficiency, the constant challenge of keeping data, assets and users secure continues to be a top concern for CIOs and CSOs. And these concerns stretch across […]

Cisco and Latin America: New Opportunities, New Challenges

2 min read

Last week, a delegation from Cisco, led by  President for Cisco Latin America Jordi Botifoll, had the opportunity to participate in the eighth meeting of the World Economic Forum on Latin America. (See video below). The theme of the event was “Delivering growth, strengthening societies.” The event took place in Lima, Peru, a country which […]

March 4, 2013


Ask the Data Center Expert: Trends in Latin America

2 min read

I have a keen interest in the Latin American region because several of my closest friends and my respected colleagues are from this region. Also, internal market forces and global demand are accelerating the rate of data center projects, further heightening my interest. Last year, I visited the region where I got to see data […]