The time has come again for the biggest Technology conference in Latin America: #CiscoLiveLA.  This will be my third year making the trip to Cancun.  Previously, I spread the word and highlighted the real-life scenarios and wins made possible by the #dCloud team.  This year, I am representing #DevNet.

The pressure is on.

As a Community Manager, this is my busiest #CiscoLive.  Why?

  • Because everyone who gets to go to Cancun does at least double-duty.
  • Because relationships in Latin culture are long-lasting and meaningful.
  • Because these are my people.

So, here’s my list of everything I’m going to try to showcase for you via Social Media.  Join me in my heroic efforts to try to cover all things #DevNet at #CiscoLiveLA!

Cisco DevNet Latin America CiscoLiveLA


Joe Kearns Sandbox Cisco DevNetWe are still celebrating our Team being recognized with the prestigious Pioneer Award.  How did the #DevNet #Sandbox team win Cisco’s most important prize for engineering innovation?  Come to the DevNet Zone for a demo by Joe Kearns.  This is your playground, too!



Silvia_Spiva_and_Cindy_Goodwin-Sak-WomenInTech_Cisco_DevNet_Systems_EngineersFollow our meeting with our dear Cisco Partners, as we devote a full day to innovation and agility. Cindy Goodwin-Sak will answer the question: “Can big companies innovate?” We will cover her presentation Creating Capacity for Innovation. Then, we will treat the audience to an exercise in Network Programmability and App Development, as we showcase the tools available to them (and you) through SolutionsPlus, presented by Gerardo Chaves.



Mike Koons Systems Engineering at Cisco Who better to tell us about the importance of coding skills for networking experts than the person who leads Cisco’s world-class Systems Engineers?

Mike Koons will deliver the Technical Keynote on Tuesday, and give you an update on the innovations born from the #CiscoSE Team.



Cisco_do_Brasil-Flavio_CorreaThat’s right: we’re going to speak Portuguese in Mexico, as we welcome and feature our brothers and sisters from Cisco do Brasil!  Come to the DevNet Zone to hear directly from one of Cisco’s top Systems Engineering leaders in the world: Flavio Correa.

Stick around and share your expertise with us! Our friend Julia Funchal Tigevisk will be conducting interviews and recording customer stories.  Visit the DevNet Zone, ask questions, and give us your feedback on the spot.




Wait…isn’t that our main hashtag for the entire company.  Yes, it is!  And on Wednesday, @Cisco is letting us take over their Snapchat account! We’ll bring you surprises LIVE from the DevNet Zone.  If you’re in Cancun, make sure to visit us!




Ok, so our friends Mia and Susie won’t be in Cancun this year, but I will be in attendance at the annual Cisco Empowered Women’s Network meeting, to inspire and get inspired by everyone there. As Latinas, we share a rich tradition of feminine power.  It is always energizing to spend quality time with my sisters.



Not in Cancun? Well, you can still learn a lot about Network Programmability, and maybe even make progress on your Cisco Certifications.  Tune in to the events and recordings hosted on The Cisco Learning Network.

In any case, you can reach us any time, from any time zone or part of the world, by using the hashtag #DevNet on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.  Make sure you’ve registered with DevNet, and tell your friends!



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