After months of effort and careful preparation, the DevNet team is ready for Cisco Live Latin America in Cancun! This year the event will take place between November 6 and 9. Cisco Live is a massive event with thousands of attendees. It’s the place where Cisco customers, partners, vendors and employees gather every year for a marathon of knowledge transfer, training sessions and fun activities. In only 4 days, hundreds of training sessions, technical seminars and activities will be unleashed on the event attendees. If you have not attended a Cisco Live event so far I would definitely recommend it as you will get the chance to learn, make connections and see what will be the next products and technologies from Cisco.

Waiting for you in the DevNet Zone


For the DevNet team this will be the third year in a row that we are taking part in Cisco Live Latin America. We are pleased and honored to have been invited again to bring the DevNet Zone to the Cisco Live attendees in Cancun. If you are not familiar with DevNet I suggest you register for a free account at developer.cisco.com and have a look around.

Between the learning labs, the sandbox resources, the free sample code and libraries on github.com, the multiple communities of interest, the support forums and DevNet Creations where you can get inspired by what other community members have built so far, I’m convinced you can find something that appeals to you. If you just want to see what’s new from Cisco, or you want to improve your skills or you need to solve a pressing problem at work, developer.cisco.com is the place to start. Or if you prefer you can join us in the DevNet Zone in Cancun and get a sample of all these and more. We will bring our learning labs, classroom sessions, hands-on workshops, demo booths and the amazing DevNet team that will be on-site to welcome everybody and answer any questions you might have.

New Resources

For our Cisco Live veterans and attendees that are familiar with the DevNet Zone don’t worry we have surprises for you, too. A new set of learning labs around networking and network programmability, coding, collaboration, data center and wireless technologies will be available for you. You can get a start on this right now and access the learning labs at learninglabs.cisco.com and bring your questions and suggestions when you meet us at the event.

We will also have for you 30 classroom and workshop sessions covering everything from introduction to coding and REST APIs to building your first Cisco Spark bot to network programmability with NETCONF/RESTCONF/YANG and running Python code on IOS-XE devices. The great thing about our workshops is that they are hands-on. We offer Apple Macbook laptops with development environments already setup and an instructor walks the attendees through a scenario to accomplish a task by the end of the workshop. The main goal of the workshops is to introduce the attendees to a specific use case of the technology and have them directly interacting with it. This combines nicely with the classroom sessions which are more on the theoretical side. The workshop seating is limited so if you haven’t done it yet, please sign up for the ones you want to attend at the following link: www.ciscolive.com/latam/learn/sessions/session-catalog

If you are not familiar with the DevNet Sandbox, if you have any questions about it or you want to see a demo session we will have a booth for it. Having just recently won the prestigious Cisco Pioneer award, the Sandbox gives DevNet users free access to testing and development environments. If you want to interact hands-on with the brand new Cisco Catalyst 9k switches, or with Cisco ACI, APIC-EM, UC Manager 11.5 and many more environments for free, the DevNet sandbox is there for you. You can access it at the following link: developer.cisco.com/site/devnet/sandbox/ or come by the demo booth in the DevNet Zone.

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Continuing Education

If you want to make the most of the Cisco Live event I suggest preparation before you even get to the venue in Cancun. Based on your interests I would start looking at what Cisco Live, and specifically the DevNet Zone, has to offer. If you are interested in SDN and emerging networking technologies I would definitely sign up for the workshops around NETCONF/RESTCONF/YANG and the classroom sessions around APIC-EM and running Python applications on IOS-XE. If you are new to programming and want to know what an API and REST is, how to build your first Python application then you should attend the introduction to git workshop and the coding 101, 102 and 103 classroom sessions. If you are interested in data center technologies I suggest you sign up for the UCS Python SDK workshops and the classroom sessions around UCS PowerTools, Cisco ACI and Kubernetes on UCS. There will also be presentations around Meraki, cloud technologies, Cisco Spark and bots.

If you cannot attend in person there will be a live stream of the event on www.ciscolive.com as usual. But if you will be joining us in person in Cancun, don’t be shy and stop by the DevNet Zone. We do speak Spanish, too!


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