Dustin Riedesel

Renewals Specialists Manager – US Public Sector & Latin America

Customer Experience

Dustin started his life at Cisco in 2014. Chronologically since then, he has gotten engaged, been diagnosed with leukemia, gotten married, become a homeowner, survived leukemia, published a book called Cheeto Dust (and Other Blood on Millennial Hands), become a father, begun his own cancer-fighting fundraiser called Row24, and somehow kept his job through it all.

Dustin is currently writing his first novel, training for the 2019 Chicago Marathon, learning husbandry and fatherhood on the fly, and working with an incredible team of Cisco employees committed to the health of Cisco’s Security business.


August 12, 2019


There’s Only Life and How You Choose to Live it

4 min read

Just five days before his wedding in 2016, Dustin was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through all of life's ups and downs, Cisco has been there through it all.