IT complexity

October 17, 2018


Business innovation or stable IT – you no longer have to choose

2 min read

Cisco Solution Support can help IT leaders keep operations running smoothly to maintain a stable IT, so they can spend time on more important things—like business innovation.

December 2, 2014


Defeat IT Complexity To Free Time For Innovation

1 min read

When Apple Pay was announced in September this year, it brought a lot of attention to the digital payment business. But this is certainly not the first sign that we are moving rapidly towards a digital society. For example, Starbucks has been doing this for years by handling millions of mobile wallet payments every week. […]

October 20, 2014


Three Deciding Factors To Reach A New Digital World

2 min read

In a Technology Vision 2014 report, consulting firm Accenture discussed major trends that drive a dramatic transformation for every business to enter a digital world....