IT simplicity

October 15, 2018


Keeping IT Simple with Flexible Payment Solutions

3 min read

When your equipment reaches the end of its life cycle, replace it and upgrade to the latest Meraki technology with Cisco Easy Pay. Make things simple.

December 2, 2014


Defeat IT Complexity To Free Time For Innovation

1 min read

When Apple Pay was announced in September this year, it brought a lot of attention to the digital payment business. But this is certainly not the first sign that we are moving rapidly towards a digital society. For example, Starbucks has been doing this for years by handling millions of mobile wallet payments every week. […]

October 20, 2014


Three Deciding Factors To Reach A New Digital World

2 min read

In a Technology Vision 2014 report, consulting firm Accenture discussed major trends that drive a dramatic transformation for every business to enter a digital world....