Encrypted Traffic Analytics

July 24, 2018


Encrypted Botnets and cryptomining spotted at Cisco Live

2 min read

More than 25,000 attendees visited Cisco Live in Orlando this year. While this large concentration of network and security professionals was learning about our latest innovations, Cisco Security was busy...

June 14, 2018


A Year’s Worth of Intent-based Networking Innovation

2 min read

At Cisco, we have spent many of these last 525,600 minutes developing, innovating and working together with customers and partners to help advance their Intent-based networking journeys. #CiscoDNA

May 3, 2018


Cisco catches thousands of hidden threats on a massive public network

3 min read

The GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is the largest exhibition for a mobile industry.  This year, Mobile World Congress attracted more than 107,000 attendees. But high profile, public...

April 11, 2018


TLS version 1.3: Change is here and Encrypted Traffic Analytics has got your back

6 min read

Networks are becoming increasingly opaque via encrypted sessions, greatly benefiting end users because it ensures privacy and authenticity of the connection between applications over networks where we must assume zero...

April 2, 2018


Encrypted Traffic Analytics Receives “Miercom Performance Verified” Certification

3 min read

Encryption is becoming an increasingly prevalent aspect of digital communications – even when it comes to malware. A Cisco analysis of more than 400,000 malicious binaries found that about

January 10, 2018


Cisco Extends Encrypted Traffic Analytics to Nearly 50,000 Customers

4 min read

It’s here. Cisco has solved one of the biggest challenges facing the security industry – and now thousands of Cisco customers can start using this breakthrough new network security technology....

December 12, 2017


Hackers are using encryption to bypass your security controls

2 min read

As of today more than half of the web traffic is encrypted. That’s a big win for businesses and all of us, since it guards against eavesdropping and tampering with content as it moves from device to server and back again. Of course this rise in encryption comes with one big, obvious downside. Hackers too now […]