Sabiha Rouksana H.

Security Virtual Sales Specialist

Advanced Threat Solutions

Sabiha is a VSS in the Advanced Threat Solutions organization at Cisco, where she helps customers leverage their Cisco infrastructure to overcome emerging security challenges.

In this role, Sabiha is responsible for communicating effective techniques for using Cisco product capabilities to provide identification and mitigation solutions for Cisco customers facing current or expected security threats.

Current projects include helping customers leverage Stealthwatch, Stealthwatch Cloud, Umbrella, ISE and AMP for Endpoints, in order to identify and subsequently mitigate Security threats.

Previously, Sabiha was part of the Cisco R&D team in India, where her responsibilities included testing feature sets like L2 , L3 , MPLS,VPN,IPV4/v6 and various other SP technologies on CRS, ASR routers and Cisco Switches. She has also led EFT for customers and participated in technical presentations to the team.

Sabiha is a CCNA, CCIE-SP (written) certified. In addition, Sabiha has a BE from Anna University, India. Sabiha lives in Singapore with her family.


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