digitizing nonprofits

Digital solutions connect farmers to markets during uncertain times

3 min read

Food supply chains have recently been disrupted. Here's how Digital Green is meeting the needs of farmers to make sure their crops can get to the market.

Reducing food waste and food insecurity one meal at a time

7 min read

Replate is a nonprofit with a mission to reduce food waste and food insecurity through its food recovery system. Most recently, Cisco and Cisco Foundation donated $1.2 million to help them expand their food recovery services. We sat down with Replate's CEO and founder, Maen Mahfoud, to learn more about Replate’s mission, and its response to business closures.

How CommonLit’s Free & Effective Literacy Program powers remote learning throughout America

4 min read

With over 70 million students in the U.S., from kindergarten to grad school, transitioning to remote learning this year, innovative solutions are essential to keep children from falling behind. One solution is CommonLit.

Dispatch from the field: how a mobile app in East Africa empowers women while saving lives

4 min read

Community health worker Roseline Moenga explains how she uses technology to diagnose malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea in rural Kenya.

Non-profit spotlight: The high-touch, high-tech approach to digital financial services in India

3 min read

Opportunity International designed and implemented a suite of digital financial products and services to bank the unbanked.  Our three-year partnership resulted in 20 million people reached via digital financial services and supported 3 million jobs, enabling individuals to support their families and contribute to the growth and vibrancy of their communities. 

Non-profit spotlight: How TalkingPoints breaks barriers between teachers and parents

5 min read

TalkingPoints has been a Cisco Foundation grantee since 2011, thanks to their success using technology to improve student learning outcomes. To learn more about them read on.