cloud native security

June 6, 2023


Outshift by Cisco Announces its Latest Cloud Native Application Security Strategy with Panoptica

3 min read

Panoptica, a product from Outshift by Cisco, helps customers secure cloud native applications, prioritize risks with precision, and accelerate development, deployment, and production across teams.

April 20, 2022


Cisco Cloud Native Security – Part 4: Security Analytics and Threat Detection

8 min read

Learn how to add visibility, threat detection, security analytics, and alerting inside of your Kubernetes cluster using Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics.

March 7, 2022


Cisco Cloud Native Security – Part 3, GitOps and CI/CD

3 min read

Learn how to deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using GitOps as an operational framework that applies DevOps best practices to infrastructure automation.

March 3, 2022


Cisco Cloud Native Security – Part 2, Provisioning the Infrastructure

5 min read

See how to set up your dev environment and provision your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, and GitHub.

March 1, 2022


Cisco Cloud Native Security – Part 1, Going Up the Stack from Infrastructure to Application

5 min read

Going up the stack from infrastructure to application - Learn what tools are needed, and how you can secure these environments using Cisco security technologies.

September 22, 2021


Cloud Native Security Using Infrastructure as Code

1 min read

Technical session at DevNet Create will demonstrate how to get started deploying and maintaining security into cloud native environments using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).