The security posture of a modern organization is anything but straightforward. It’s a complex architecture of hybrid, multicloud environments that is facing an exponential growth of cloud application development and usage with an end-to-end lifecycle that must be managed to support, what are often now, lifelines of the business.

How do you maintain coverage of this rapidly expanding attack surface across APIs and open source, modern and monolithic workloads, and multicloud and SaaS environments? How do you help your teams keep everything in view (and security top of mind)?

As with so many business processes, collaboration is key. Teams across engineering, development, and site reliability engineers and IT Operations are now partners in scaling and managing workload security, which is moving closer to both users and devices. While this cross-functional security cooperation is critical, many continue to feel under-resourced in tooling and skill sets to eliminate silos and make sure everyone is confident and consistent in deploying and maintaining secure cloud native applications.

Announced today at Cisco Live US in Las Vegas, cloud native security solution Panoptica is comprehensively expanding its capabilities to address these needs of developers and SecOps teams alike to ensure applications across their organization are secure from code to cloud.

Same Panoptica. New Capabilities.

Starting in September 2023, Panoptica will offer cloud security protection from code to production, from development to runtime, to make it easier for teams to adopt DevSecOps best practices and secure applications, workloads, and the cloud resources they run on.

Here are the new Panoptica capabilities that Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, and GM of Applications shared at Cisco Live US today on the main stage:

  • Code and Build Security – Customers will benefit from tightening their full software development lifecycle, governance policies, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) – Customers can enable continuous compliance and monitoring at scale, with visibility across their entire inventory cloud assets, including Kubernetes Security Posture Management.
  • Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP) – Continuous security for virtual machines (VMs), serverless, containers, APIs and more.
  • Application and API Security – Customers can monitor and secure their internal and external APIs and API tokens.

Empowering developer and security teams to prioritize and remediate application risks with precision across these four pillars of security is Panoptica’s new Attack Path Analysis engine. Interactive attack paths accessed via a simplified, visual dashboard experience help teams to focus on the attack vectors most likely to be exploited. When selecting a given attack path, it is flattened in an easy-to-follow view with corresponding vulnerability elements alongside detailed attack flow steps and automated remediation support. To dive into more details on Attack Path Analysis and all of Panoptica’s new features, visit the Panoptica learning center.

Panoptica Attack Path Analysis across Cisco Cloud Security elements

With Panoptica’s growing strength in application security coverage, we are excited to help drive this important next step for Cisco and its customers to innovate how they approach scaling their cloud environments and modern application strategy across all areas of their business.

As part of our news today, Liz Centoni has said it best: “Panoptica offers a differentiated experience by bringing these powerful capabilities together for complete code to cloud security coverage. Backed by Cisco’s unrivaled portfolio of end-to-end security tooling, this is an intentional investment in helping our customers supercharge their modern application security at scale.”

Did you know? Panoptica is part of Outshift by Cisco

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Learn more about Panoptica and its complete cloud native application security capabilities

Panoptica is part of Outshift by Cisco, an incubator of emerging technologies from cloud native to edge, AI, and beyond.


Vijoy Pandey

Senior Vice President

Outshift by Cisco