Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy partner NIIT Foundation creatively addresses inclusivity

3 min read

Through Cisco Networking Academy's partnership with the NIIT Foundation, underserved communities in India can participate in growth opportunities.

abilITy Cisco Academy graduates solve IT issues for New York City’s Department of Social Services

4 min read

Learn how alumni from Cisco Networking Academy’s abilITy program are helping solve IT issues so people get much-needed services through NYC's DSS.

Bridging remote digital divides on tribal lands with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium

4 min read

Along with partners like the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC), Cisco is bridging remote digital divides through technology and education.

Announcing Cisco Networking Academy’s Be the Bridge Award winners!

3 min read

Cisco Networking Academy Be the Bridge Awards celebrates the incredible things our education partners have made possible and their achievements.

Cisco Networking Academy alumni develop infection prevention service model that impacts workplace safety

5 min read

Cisco Networking Academy alumni Dom Chavez and Malcolm Smith launched an infection-prevention service in response to an increasingly hybrid world.

Second Chance Justice Reform: Giving offenders a job-ready IT education

3 min read

This blog comes from Judge Aliyah Sabree. She shares more about the Second Chance Justice Reform Initiative which provides job-ready education in IT skills through Cisco Networking Academy.