Cisco DevNet

December 15, 2021


Why Security Can’t Be An Afterthought in DevOps

DevOps empowers developers to take full responsibility for the end-to-end process of developing code, deploying it to production, and monitoring it post-release. See how DevSecOps "shifts left" responsibility for security in the DevOps pipeline - from the operations team to the development team.

December 15, 2021


The APIs We’re Experimenting with Over the Holidays

What APIs and tools will you be working on (or playing with) this holiday season? Here's what some of the DevNet Developer Advocates have in mind to do (when they're not stuffing themselves with holiday sweets :-)

December 14, 2021


See How to Use APIClarity with GitLab CI/CD and Kubernetes

See an example of utilizing GitLab CI/CD with Kubernetes, Istio, and APIClarity to deploy a sample microservices app and control the lifecycle management of a sample application.

December 13, 2021


Bringing Clarity to APIs on Cloud Native Technologies

See how Cloud Native technologies bring benefits to microservice software development. And, how APIClarity gives you better visibility into when your APIs are being utilized properly to improve your security posture, software delivery, and testing in general.

December 10, 2021


Log4j Developer Response

Finding and patching all the different, affected systems could take time and we need to protect ourselves now. Luckily there are some readily-available solutions that can help

December 8, 2021


Enhancing Webex Messaging Using Webex APIs & AppleScript

Check out the code for how you can enhance the Webex user experience by adding the "Alert When Available" feature.

December 6, 2021


New Learning Labs Teach You XML/XPath for NSO

Whether you are creating your first configuration template in NSO or hoping to craft an XPath expression to save you time in your development, these labs will teach you valuable industry-relevant skills, and help you use NSO much more effectively.

December 2, 2021


Eight Great Tech Gifts for Developers

Got a software developer on your "nice" list? Here are some gift ideas programmed to make devs happy this holiday.

November 30, 2021


“Who Said That?” A Technical Intro to Speaker Diarization

Webex meeting recordings are provided with transcriptions. See how to use Speaker Diarization to know who said what - making it easier for humans to skim through meeting content, and for AI solutions to provide more accurate results.