Cisco’s Developer Relations team is excited to announce the availability of a guided workshop for Cloud developers interested in Cisco’s ThousandEyes technology.


Access the 3-part video series playlist.

“Visibility should be a mission critical priority for a multi-cloud environment – You may not own networks or infra, but you still own the outcome.”

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Cisco ThousandEyes is a SaaS solution for monitoring availability, latency, loss, and user experience that leverages globally distributed monitoring points. Cisco manages over 400 Cloud Agents and you have the flexibility to deploy Enterprise Agents in a highly focused manner to get last-hop visibility into home environments, branch offices, private data centers, or public cloud segments.

Do you develop applications in the cloud?

Do you develop applications in the cloud and want to assess the reachability of your distributed environment? Are there dependencies of your application with other SaaS solutions outside of your control? Are you interested in gauging your customer’s experience with your web-based application around the world? Then you will be interested in viewing this 3-part video series where we share what the Cisco ThousandEyes technology is, how it is applicable to you, and how to procure and configure it.

The video series was developed with you, the cloud developer, in mind – no heavy networking lingo or jargon to decipher. If you are a network infrastructure engineer or developer, I think you too will be interested in the series.

thousandeyes cloud

Thousand Eyes Web Transaction Report lets a Web app developer or eCommerce site operator
see their customer’s user experience from a periodic test agent.

Watch the 3-part series

Part 1 has guidance on deployments using an AWS CloudFormation deployed EC2 instance, and suggests optimal monitoring techniques. Part 2 covers configuring the monitoring tests from the ThousandEyes portal and how to interpret results. Finally, if you’ve developed an interactive website or eCommerce solution, part 3 depicts using the ThousandEyes Recorder capability to mimic customer interactions for scheduled measurements and validation.

We look forward to hearing how you use ThousandEyes to ensure your development environment accessibility and business continuity!

ThousandEyes Cloud

Access the video series playlist.

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