Quinn Snyder

Developer Advocate

Cisco DevNet

I am a Developer Advocate within Cisco's DevNet organization, focusing on DC network programmability, including ACI and NXOS-centric devices. Prior to joining DevNet, I served as a field Systems Engineer, covering large WAN and datacenter architectures in the utility and financial space (and bringing them along for the programmability ride). I've always been passionate about network development and automation and always want to help others catch the same infectious love of firing up a text editor or IDE and make something from lines of code. When I'm not coding, I'm often in the kitchen or outside -- making things of different sorts. I'm a proud Arizona State alum (go Devils!) and also own the only DEVNET license plate in the state of Arizona.


June 8, 2020


Data Center Networking Is Coming to DevNet Day

Got "learn network programmability and automation" on your To-Do list?... Start now with the Data Center Networking Track at DevNet Day on June 18th. Make the infrastructure agile, flexible, and secure enough to handle today's demanding workloads.