Jason Davis

Distinguished Services Engineer

Cisco Advanced Services Technology Strategy Office

Jason Davis is a Distinguished Services Engineer in the Technology Strategy Office of Cisco Advanced Services. His role is to provide strategic and tactical consulting for hundreds of Advanced Services customers, lead service innovation, and assess new services and technologies. Jason's primary expertise areas are in Network Management Systems, Intelligent Automation/Orchestration, Virtualization, Data Center Operations, Software Defined Networking and DevOps.

Based out of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) campus, Jason is also responsible for administering the Research Triangle Park Network Management Lab (RTPNML), Cisco's largest network management lab, comprised of most of Cisco's management products and many partner solutions.

Since joining Cisco in 1998, Jason has been a frequent speaker at Cisco's Networkers and CiscoLive conferences in the US and Europe. In the past 9 years he has also been involved in the conference network setup and monitoring. He is a much sought-after resource by the field sales teams to assist with pre-sales solutions and executive briefings.

He has been married for 24 years and has 4 children. His interests include providing Audio/Visual technical support for churches and conference venues, camping and biking with his family, remote-control helicopter piloting, and paintball.


July 10, 2013


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