Cisco AI Assistant

June 6, 2024


Cisco AI Assistant for Managing Firewall Policies

1 min read

See how administrators can use AI Assistant to effortlessly manage firewall devices, configure policies, and access reference materials whenever required, streamlining their workflow and boosting overall efficiency.

June 5, 2024


Bringing the Cisco AppDynamics + Splunk Better Together story to Cisco Live

3 min read

In three months since the Splunk acquisition, Cisco and Splunk have been hard at work with new use cases and integrations. Find out what's being announced at Cisco Live US 2024.

March 29, 2024


Collaboration Innovation at Enterprise Connect 2024

2 min read

With a suite of new devices poised to enhance our already robust portfolio and immersive experiences within Webex itself, we're geared towards propelling your success to new heights. Here's a rundown of the incredible innovations we've shared at Enterprise Connect.

December 5, 2023


How We’re Making AI Pervasive in the Cisco Security Cloud

4 min read

AI is redrawing the lines between defender and attacker and, for the first time, the scales are tipping in favor of the defenders because of a data advantage. With AI, we can correlate data on a massive scale, see more attacks, and contain attacks faster to minimize damage.