What an action-packed week we have had at Enterprise Connect! It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers and partners as we unveiled a series of groundbreaking collaboration announcements. Webex is paving the way for a new era in how we work. With a suite of new devices enhancing our already robust portfolio and immersive experiences, we remain focused on propelling our partner’s success. Here is a rundown of the incredible innovations we have shared.

Fostering the Office Attraction with Cisco Devices

It is a new era for Cisco devices. Designed with one goal in mind: to draw employees back to the office by making it a haven for collaboration. Teams are ready to come back to the office, but the office is not ready for the new way of working. 98% of conference rooms around the globe are not video enabled. There is a disconnect that exists between the current office setups and the growing need for collaborative spaces. Cisco’s solution is to revamp the workspace, shifting the balance from individual work areas to collaborative ones, and ensuring each   space is equipped with the right video capability to boost both productivity and Collaboration.

Introducing the Second-Generation Cisco Board Pro

Envision a device that can transform any ordinary conference room into a video-enabled collaborative workspace. The second-generation Cisco Board Pro is crafted to fulfill that vision. Armed with the latest video and audio technology, it stands out as a premier all-in-one conferencing solution that is remarkably user-friendly.

Reinventing the Desk Experience with the 9800 Series

As customers reimagine their office spaces and how we work, the concept of hot desking has never been more relevant. We are thrilled to introduce the 9800 Series. With a design ethos centered around hot desking, these devices deliver personalized experiences to everyone, allowing anyone to make a desk their own with a mere QR code scan. This device delivers a powerful combination of customization and adaptability, essential for today’s dynamic workspaces.

Webex Suite: Elevating Beyond Meetings, Messaging, and Calling

The Webex Suite continues to be our lead offer for meetings, messaging, and calling. With integrations that span from Apple to collaborations with Ford and Lincoln, we are ensuring the Webex experience is accessible whenever and wherever you require.

Empowering Your Workday with Assistant

AI has been and will continue to be foundational to the platform approach we are building with Webex. From real-time translations in spaces to concise call summaries, these smart features are crafted to simplify your workload and bolster collaboration, regardless of your location. Have you experienced anything like amazing these features?

Revolutionizing the Contact Center with Webex

The contact center holds a pivotal place in our innovation journey and is a key growth engine. We are introducing innovative features to elevate every facet of customer engagement. With advancements in workforce optimization and AI-augmented agent assistance, we are reimagining the contact center to be more effective and customer-focused.

To dive deeper into all these thrilling announcements, be sure to visit our Launch and Events page on SalesConnect.

And the excitement doesn’t stop here!

We’re also thrilled to announce that our AI collaboration and customer experience event, WebexOne, is set to take place from October 21st-24th, 2024, in the vibrant Miami area! Anticipate an event packed with transformative experiences and more groundbreaking innovations from Webex.

Stay connected, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing partnership. The future for collaboration looks bright, and together with Webex, we’ll light the way!

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Kristyn Hogan

Vice President

Collaboration Partner Sales