BIG Awards Finalists Vie for $100K and Mentoring Support

2 min read

So here we are again – seems like only yesterday that we were going through the difficult task of picking the BIG Awards 2012 finalists…. and now over a year later we are about to announce the finalists for the 2013 competition, and have had a full year supporting last year’s winners Snap Fashion and […]

4 Steps to Write the Perfect Pitch for Your Start-Up

3 min read

In every sales training I have attended, this question is always posed to me: “You meet the CIO in the corridor, how do you get a meeting with him?” To be honest, there is not a huge difference in how you answer this question whether you are a start-up seeking an investor or the attention […]

Cisco BIG Awards: Calling All UK Entrepreneurs

3 min read

It’s incredible to think that we are only a month away from closing entries for this year’s BIG Awards. This is the second BIG Awards competition we have run in the UK since the British Innovation Gateway programme was announced in January 2011 by Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and Prime Minister David Cameron. […]

March 1, 2013


British Innovation Gateway (BIG): Now the hard work’s really begun…

2 min read

It was only a year ago that we were all eagerly anticipating London 2012 in our role as network infrastructure supporter. It was exciting, at times daunting and – looking back – tremendous to be at the heart of bringing the Games to the world. To quote Lord Coe at the closing ceremony, “we did […]