Tom Kneen

Business Development Manager, CTO Office, UKI
GEO - Sales UKI Mgmt

Tom joined Cisco in October 1999 as Regional Manager for the Manufacturing sector. His initial role was to grow the Cisco sales market for manufacturing which led to the formation of multiple teams across the Commercial Sales organisation.

He spent 8 years in Cisco Enterprise sales, running a variety teams in the Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aerospace and Hi-tech sectors and running the Manufacturing, Retail, Transport and Business Services Operation in the UK and Ireland.

In these roles, he took a keen interest in the Cisco partner and Outsource relationships ensuring Cisco had a broad range of talented and skilled partners.

Tom was also responsible for the Cisco Channel team focused on Cisco’s IT Services and Outsourcing partners in the UK and Ireland.

In his current role Tom is responsible for all Business Development opportunities in and around London 2012 – including managing relationship with LOCOG and the Olympic family and the major adjacent opportunities including The Olympic Legacy.

He is a keen runner, cyclist and skier and also enjoys playing a bit of tennis. He is married with 2 children.

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