The mobile revolution has only just begun…

The number of terminals is growing exponentially and the use of video is an ever-increasing trend. A growth of 53% of the yearly mobile data traffic is forecast by 2020. In a context of deeply changing consumer habits, half of the service providers we know today will have disappeared in ten years’ time. It is therefore down to service providers to reinvent themselves ahead of the impending 5G revolution. 5G isn’t just a mere technological advance but rather a brand new chapter in the digital era.

Cisco has already embraced the challenge to deliver innovation. What about you?

The new ultra services platform from Cisco virtualizes all the key functions for mobile services and automates their deployment thereby allowing operations to be fully optimized. By focusing on strategic development areas such as voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), virtualization and orchestration of the packet core network. Cisco solutions allow a flexible infrastructure which is both powerful and secure. Cisco delivers tools for tomorrow’s competitive landscape by inspiring new business models which will encourage the creation of new services with high added-value. With Cisco’s secure cloud-based services, operators are able to build innovative and fully rounded package offers. Cisco also helps service providers to conquer further markets in the Internet of Things, in fields as varied as manufacture, public services, banking services, or even being part of tomorrow’s urban landscape with fully connected cars. Many people already trust Cisco to help them build tomorrow’s mobile services. Cisco offers you a reliable, innovative and unmatched portfolio of services, to help you achieve your goals for sustainable development and deliver a unique user experience. Together, let’s ready the world for 5G!

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Jamila Moutaouakil

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Marketing, France