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Staying connected and being there for your customers is now more important than ever. Customer service and support has always been a mission-critical component for successful business operations, even as your teams have been scattered and working remotely. Now that companies and organizations are returning to the office, you may be reflecting on the effectiveness of your business continuity plan. What went well, how can you improve, and what is going to be your strategy for the future?

Transform Your Customer Experience

How can an organization design the contact center of the future to keep pace with increasing customer-centric demands? And how do you best serve customers, no matter the current state of the world or where contact center agents are located? Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Offers for Contact Center can help with advisory services, so you can review your current contact center operations and decide on a modified approach. You’ll get the guidance, support, and solutions you need to achieve agility for the midterm, while also developing a long-term plan.

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Flexible Contact Center Infrastructure and Remote Agent Design and Implementation

Whatever your unique requirements, Cisco CX will help with design and implementing the changes you need, complete with Cisco best practices, proven processes, and years of technology expertise.

While much of today’s strategizing and operations are focused on business continuity right now, leading organizations are adding cloud-based contact centers for long-term resiliency, especially if they anticipate a large spike in call volume. CX Offers for Webex Contact Center provide expert support for rapid solution implementation, including configuration, call flows, agent and supervisor provisioning and basic training, testing, and deployment according to your unique business requirements. Not only will you get help accelerating your contact center of the future, you could also save on significant recurring operating costs, ease your adoption of AI, and enhance human touch throughout your customer experiences.

For those of you who elect to stay with an on-premises contact center, we have two implementation services that will help you support a flexible staffing scenario:

CX Offers for Mobile Agents on Unified Contact Center Enterprise

If you want to allow agents to work from home and have the flexibility to use their preferred phone choice, we can help you configure your infrastructure for the Mobile Agent feature. Learn more about these offers.

CX Offers for Mobile and Remote Access

If you want to enable agents to access devices that are not in the enterprise network, we have a technology option that will allow employees to seamlessly and securely perform their job from any collaboration endpoint. Learn more about these offers.

Cisco Contact Center-Connected Devices and People

Accelerate and Simplify Your Contact Center of the Future

Cisco CX is focused on helping you adapt your collaboration services and infrastructure to address the significant increase in remote work and the mandate to reduce costs. Get expert consulting, strategy, analysis, design, testing, and implementation services for optimal performance and reliability. Meet your immediate need to expand support to satisfy customer and business requirements, while setting your business up for a strong future with enriched next-generation capabilities.

Cisco CX is here to help accelerate your business resiliency, empowering your agents to provide the ultimate customer care today and tomorrow.

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Nick King

Vice President of CX Marketing

Customer Experience (CX)